SymLineZ (UIQ 3.0) 2.72

Wipe out the colored chips to score points


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Helpful 'jokers'


  • Weak graphics
  • Bad spelling


I love a good puzzle game to get my brain into gear on the train to work and rather than buying endless Sudoku books I like to download simple games for my phone.

SymLineZ is a cranium-twisting puzzler in the style of the classic WinLineZ in which you must play around with chips in order to score points.

The object of the game is a simple one: to remove as many chips as possible by aligning them in four or more corresponding colours. The more counters you get rid of, the more points your get.

Although the basis of the game sounds simple, in reality it's a whole different ball (or chip) game because you can only move a chip in a straight line into a free space.

This can become infuriatingly difficult, although luckily you can use jokers (or 'jockers' as it's mis-spelt in the game) to help you.

Graphically, SymLineZ isn't going to win any prizes, but if you want something to help beat boredom on the bus it proves to be a very good challenge.

SymLineZ is a freeware game, which is a clone of WinLineZ. Your objective is to align five or more single color balls in horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines, and by this way you score points.

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SymLineZ (UIQ 3.0) 2.72

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